Business Cost Optimization

Accounts Payable Data Review

We uncover meaningful savings after previous reviews by non-specialist firms. Typical recoupment sources include tax overpayments, over-billings, unclaimed rebates and many others.

Healthcare Data Analysis
Control your ever increasing Healthcare Expense. Stabilize your costs for as long as 3 years and more. Improve your credit rating by clearing your balance sheet of regulatory debt burden. Often the burden of evaluating employees' health data is left to the health insurance provider or the TPA who manage your programs. The insurer or TPA typically has no real stake in the emerging health issues of employees or in reducing the cost to employers. For the last 10 years companies have seen 8-12% Annual increases in the cost of the Healthcare Plans. We have developed a data centric technology process that complies with HIPPA, and still provides the necessary tools to reduce the current and ongoing costs of healthcare. Data in healthcare is complicated and in order for a company to reduce cost they must be able to utilize current and retrospective healthcare information. Ki Technologies delivers the data analytics and data reporting tools that provide the control necessary to improve employee health and reduce costs.

Product Purchasing Analysis
Lots of experience and contacts established our data bases. Our sourcing produces your requirements from the right locations and at the most competitive pricing.

Shipping and Freight Costs
A total evaluation. Our clients enjoy significant savings. Data from a typical month is all that is needed to produce a comprehensive analysis.

Insured Equipment Maintenance Consolidation
One Contract, One Expiration Date, One Invoice. Learn how we optimize recurring maintenance costs on Office Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, Facility Equipment, Networking Systems, HVAC, Elevators, Catering Equipment - almost anything that plugs into the wall.

Telecom Analysis and Reconciliation
Full analysis. One month's typical spend is all that is needed to produce a comprehensive report.

Major Commodity Pricing Assurance Services